About Us

Welcome to my little piece of paradise. Alleystamp is a sole proprietorship owned by Janine and Joseph Stegman. Janine runs the day to day business and Joseph maintains the storefront and is always there to lend a helping hand.

I have always had the art bug. When I was in school I excelled in homemaking and art classes. I learned all about art journaling (yes, art journals) back in the 70's which I continue to do to this day. We may not have called them art journals way back then but that’s exactly what they were. I learned that you did not have to color within the lines. I love all aspects of art and crafts and hopefully that shows through the products that we carry in our store.

Our everyday prices are always discounted (when not prohibited by manufacturer) at least 20% (and normally 25%) off retail. We believe that everybody should be able to purchase our products and try to make it a little easier on the pocketbook.

If you've come here from Etsy, Welcome! I love my Etsy shop customers. So many of you have become friends.

Excellent customer service is a must for me. I treat every sale the same regardless of the order size. I pull and pack all orders with the care it deserves. I strive to make shopping at Alleystamp a pleasurable and repeat experience.

Have questions? please contact us Alleystamp Team